Three young women missing for years found alive in Ohio

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Three young women missing for years found alive in Ohio

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In the United States, three young women who have been missing for more than a decade have been found alive.

Amanda Berry and Gina De Jesus were teenagers when they disappeared within a year of each other in Cleveland, Ohio.

Police also found Michelle Knight who was 20-years old when she vanished.

A neighbour, Charles Ramsey, who helped them escape said one had a child: “I see this girl going nuts trying to get outside,” he said, adding that he was astonished when she identified herself.

“Then I realized I’m calling 911 for Amanda Berry. I thought that girl was dead,” he said. He said Berry had emerged from the house “with a little girl.”

Relatives have expressed their shock and surprise that the women were found in a house a few blocks away from where they had been abducted.

All three women are being treated in a local hospital and are said to be “safe” and “in a fair condition.”

Three brothers, who are all in their fifties, are now in police custody. It is believed one of them lived in the house from which the women escaped.