Vote: which EU leader has had the most impact on Europe this year?

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Vote: which EU leader has had the most impact on Europe this year?

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The European Executive Council is giving citizens the chance to vote for the EU leader who has had the greatest influence on the European agenda over the past 12 months.

Organised in partnership with Euronews, the EEC is proposing six nominees from which will emerge a winner. These six people were chosen by a jury composed of opinion-leaders from the media, academic and civil society, who met to make the nominations at the Press Club Brussels Europe.

The award winner will be honoured during a gala evening that will follow the State of the European Union annual conference which will be held in Brussels on June 6.

This year’s nominees are:

Mario Draghi
President of the European Central Bank, for his enduring management of the Eurozone crisis.

Jean-Claude Juncker
Prime Minister of Luxembourg for his handling of the Eurozone crisis throughout 2012

Doris Pack
Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the Education and Culture Committee, for her active role in advancing the talks in the Balkans between Serbia and Kosovo

Viviane Reding
Vice-President of the European Commission, in charge of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, for defending the rights of minorities in Europe and more recently her stand on the political situation in Hungary

Donald Tusk
Prime Minister of Poland for his work on getting Poland as a growing economy and back in line with European values

Guy Verhofstadt MEP, former Prime Minister of Belgium, Leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament and Daniel Cohn-Bendit MEP, co-president of the Greens/EFA, for the book they authored together, For Europe!

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