Israeli official confirms second air strike at Syria

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Israeli official confirms second air strike at Syria

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A series of explosions rocked the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus on Saturday night.

A senior Israeli official has confirmed Israeli war planes launched an air strike at Syria – the second attack in a few days.

The source said the target had been a shipment of Iranian-made missiles ready to be sent to Hezbollah, the militant group in Lebanon.

Syria’s state run television claimed a military research facility was struck just north of the capital causing numerous casualties.

The Jamraya centre is the same military complex which was hit by Israel in another assault in January.

Western intelligence sources say several blasts hit Jamraya as well as a nearby ammunition depot.

Unverified day time pictures are said to have shown smoke rising from a Damascus suburb.

Israel’s government has made no official comment on the air strikes but media reports say it has deployed its mobile Iron Dome anti-missile defence system on its northern border.