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Anger in Middle East over Israeli airstrike on Syria

05/05/13 19:05 CET

Israel’s second airstrike in Syria in days against what it calls Iranian missiles en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon has provoked sharp reactions in the region.

Cairo called it a violation of international law, and a threat to regional stability that “made the situation more complicated”. The Arab League called on the UN to “immediately halt the Israeli attacks on Syria”, while the Syrians themselves warned Israel that they had opened a potential Pandora’s box.

“The Syrian Arab Republic confirms that this agression opens the door to all possibilities,” said Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi.

Sunday’s airstrike on three targets on the outskirts of Damascus was the third this year on Syrian soil. The Syrian government immediately claimed it proved an “organic” link with “Takfiri terrorist groups.”

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