Rolling Stones fans pick up a bargain

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Rolling Stones fans pick up a bargain

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Rolling Stones fans could not believe their luck when the legendary group released last minute cut price tickets for a concert in Los Angeles. Originally selling at a massive $600 (460 euros), why was the ‘$85 bargain’ – the equivalent of 65 euros – so unmissable?

“Well, the whole evolution of rock and roll, and how it (Rolling Stones) started out as blues and how they have such a strong blues background and how they’ve maintained that through the ’60s versus The Beatles and some other bands that have ventured off into different styles,” said one fan.

Another who had joined the queue around the bloc added: “Because they’re awesome. They’re pros at what they do, they’re the real thing. They’ve always been the real thing, they don’t pretend. They actually can play.”

And one woman said it all: “Because they’ve been around forever and they really know how to rock and they’re great. Rock and roll!”

The show officially kicked off the band’s 17-date North American tour to mark their 50 years in the music business. Later this summer, to the delight of British fans, they will be headlining at this year’s Glastonbury festival.