Farage revels in UKIP's success in local polls

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Farage revels in UKIP's success in local polls

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The leader of Britain’s anti-European Union party Nigel Farage claims he and his colleagues have changed the face of politics in the country.

Local government elections have seen the UK Independence Party or UKIP enjoy the biggest surge for a newcomer on the political scene since the second world war.

Farage hailed the results as a “game changer”:

“They (past UK governments) have signed us up to political union with Europe, without ever telling us. We now have 75 per cent of our laws made somewhere else. And a majority of us are saying, we want our country back. We want to trade with Europe, be friends with Europe, but not be governed by the Brussels institutions.”

All three major parties suffered at the hands of UKIP but none more so than the Conservatives who lead Britain’s coalition government.

Prime Minister David Cameron who once dismissed UKIP as “a bunch of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”, said he would work harder to win back Tory voters:

“I understand why some people who’ve supported us before didn’t support us again. They want us to do even more, to work for hard working people, to sort out the issues they care about. More to help with the cost of living. More to turn the economy around… They will be our focus, they are our focus, but we’ve got to do more.”

Last week UKIP had only eight council seats, now they have 147. And in the one by-election for the national parliament they even knocked the Conservatives into third place.

Analysts are now waiting to see if UKIP’s momentum will continue until the next general election in 2015.