EU open doors day

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EU open doors day

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If you are lucky enough to live near to one of the EU’s many institutions then Saturday was Europe Day, when the doors were opened and you too could take a peek down the corridors of power.

European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding welcomed the queuing public outside the Charlemagne Building in Brussels and cut the tape inaugurating a day of visits and activities.

Of course most of the biggest EU outposts are in the Belgian capital, but offices the world over threw open their doors to welcome in the curious, an annual event but also an important part of 2013’s “European Year of Citizens” drive to improve awareness and raise the profile of everything the 27-nation bloc does together.

The European Parliament’s spokespeson reported 18,000 visitors to its Brussels and Stasbourg headquarters, from as far afield as India, Ukraine or China. Many schoolchildren and students took part in group events, which also included debates and concerts.