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Star Trek goes into the darkness

Star Trek goes into the darkness

Director JJ Abrams has followed up his sensational 2009 Star Trek reboot with a new sparkling 3D sequel set to wow audiences worldwide.

The film’s world premiere in London was a suitable setting as the action blockbuster begins there with a terrorist attack against the Star Fleet, led by the enigmatic one-man killing machine John Harrison, played by Sherlock Holmes star, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Early reviews have lavished praise on Abrams both for his glistening visuals and his renewed commitment to the emotional politics which have thrilled so many life-long Star Trek fans.

Reflecting on the potential for further work with the Star Trek enterprise, Abrams was coy about the degree of his involvement, suggesting this may be his last outing as director: “If they do a third, definitely we’d be involved as producers on the movie depending on what the timing would be and everything, but there would be no more fun thing to do than work with this group again. They’re amazing.”

When the actor Chris Pine was asked whether he would consider a return as Captain James T Kirk, however, he was eager to leave no room for doubt: “Tempted? I have to do it. If they want to do a third, not only am I obligated to do it but I would welcome the opportunity and I hope to do it and can’t wait to see what this story, these characters and this franchise holds.”

Fans may be secretly seething at the news Abrams is set to go over to the dark side, and direct the next Star Wars movie, but even the most die hard will struggle not to enjoy the shimmering pop romanticism of this Star Trek.

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