'More potatoes than meat' as Greece prepares for Easter

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'More potatoes than meat' as Greece prepares for Easter

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Orthodox Christians mark Great and Holy Friday, considered the most sorrowful day of Holy Week.

In Jerusalem’s Old City pilgrims took part in a traditional procession around the 14 stations of the cross, retracing the last steps of Christ before his crucifixion.

In Greece Orthodox Christians are preparing for Easter against a harsh economic backdrop.

Retailers expect cash strapped families to keep what money they have firmly in their pockets.

Lamb is traditional fare at Orthodox celebrations:

Kleanthis Tsironis is an Athens butcher: “What can the consumer do when everything has been slashed, pensions, salaries. Then there’s the unemployed, this Easter will be the poorest Christian holiday. There will be more potatoes than meat.”

Orthodox Christians follow the old Julian calender; Roman Catholics and Protestants observe the more recent Gregorian calender and celebrate Easter in March.