French festival goers warned to watch out for WWII bombs

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French festival goers warned to watch out for WWII bombs

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A day before a Teknival free music party was due to take place in northern France, a local government official has banned attendees from planting tent poles or digging holes into the ground in case they set off unexploded bombs.

The reason for the warning, given via the event’s official facebook page, was that the site is a former air base and could contain long-dormant and undetonated explosive devices .

The organisers said they were stunned by the tent peg ban, issued only hours before the event. “We are asked to choose between the risk of the wind or participants knocking down the structures or possibly making a bomb explode.”

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The government official, however, played down the matter. He assured organisers that the risk of an explosion was not greater than in Laon where the 2011 and 2012 festival was held and where “everything went well”.

While organisers are expecting 40,000 music lovers to attend, the local authorities have employed 1,000 officials to oversee the festival in Cambrai in Nord Pas-de-Calais.

A Teknival is a free techno music party held often in remote venues far from residential areas that are in many cases considered illegal. In the case of the Cambrai Teknival, authorities have given their blessing to the event.

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