Bhutto assassination prosecutor gunned down in Islamabad

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Bhutto assassination prosecutor gunned down in Islamabad

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A leading Pakistani prosecutor has been shot dead in Islamabad.

Chaudhry Zulfikar, who was investigating the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, was on his way to court when his car was sprayed with bullets.

The killers then escaped on a motorcycle and in a taxi.

As the prosecutor was shot his car veered off the road killing a woman passer-by.

Authorities say he died from his injuries in hospital.

Chaudhry was leading a number of highly sensitive cases in Pakistan, the 2007 Bhutto assassination in which former military leader, Pervaz Musharraf,is implicated.

He was also involved in prosecuting militants linked to the 2008 attack on the Indian city of Mumbai.

The build up to Pakistan’s May 11 election is one of the bloodiest on record three candidates have already been killed and the leaders of the three main parties threatened by the Pakistani Taliban.

Bilawal Bhutto, the son of Benazir Bhutto, has left the county amid concerns for his safety.

He says he will return after the election.