Turkish Airlines embroiled in row over red lipstick

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Turkish Airlines embroiled in row over red lipstick

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A row has erupted amid a long-running industrial dispute at Turkish Airlines – over the lipstick worn by female cabin crew.

The company wants to alter its dress code – it says in response to “complaints submitted by passengers”.

Critics argue the likes of red lipstick are effectively being banned.

Some secular Turks see it as part of a wider attempt to spread Islamic influence.

“Of course too many tacky colours can be banned because they can affect quality in a negative way and the company is entitled to come up with new rules, but (now) it’s objecting to the lipstick and nail polish that we have been using at Turkish airlines for years,” said former flight attendant Ozlem Altiok.

In February, photos of potential new outfits being considered by the airline were posted on the internet. The traditional look and long dresses were criticised by some for being too conservative.

The uniforms were not adopted.

Turkish Airlines has defended the new policy promoting “simple make-up” and a “natural look”.

The Turkish transport minister dodged the question when asked what he thought. “Red is a beautiful colour, the same colour as the national flag”, he replied.