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  • A group of 64 migrants broke out of a reception camp near the town of Bicske in central Hungary
  • Hundreds of migrants leave Budapest’s main train station apparently planning to walk to Austria
  • New laws in Hungary give police more powers, set out punishments including prison for illegal border crossing
  • Abandoned truck in Austria: the cooling aggregate in the truck was not operational; refugees suffocated quickly and on Hungarian territory say Austrian police
  • Driver of abandoned truck with 71 dead is among five people arrested in Hungary: Austrian police
  • Hungarian police say 2.300 migrants remain in Roszke camp and are threatening to break out if their demands are not met in 2 hours; their demands are not clear
  • Serbia: as a EU candidate country, Serbia is preprared to take in quota of migrants says Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović
  • Hungarian police say about 300 migrants broke out of a reception camp at Roszke near the Serbian border. Riot police is surrounding the camp.
  • UNHCR spokeswoman says Britain is offering 4,000 resettlement spaces for Syrian refugees
  • EU’s commissioner Frans Timmermans confirms Jeanc-Claude Juncker will announce expanded migrant relocation quotas next week to relieve Hungary as well as Italy
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International Workers’ Day in Spain came the week after the revelation that record numbers of Spaniards are out of work. Some 80 towns and cities in Spain have seen demonstrations, with large protests in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.

The unemployment rate has hit 27 percent – 57 percent among young people – 6.2 million in all.

Unusually, the two main Spanish unions CCOO and UGT have joined forces to demand a new deal – in other words, a change of economic policy.

Austerity measures imposed by European institutions, they say, have been a ‘total failure’.

“With six million jobless in this country and the prospect that number’s going to grow, you think we don’t have to take to the streets?” asked one protester in Madrid.

“It’s happening every day, they’re taking everything away from us, in the end we’ll have no rights at all. Everything that’s been fought for 40 years will be taken away in four,” said another.

Last week the government said it had negotiated a two year delay with Brussels to bring the deficit under control, in order to avoid further austerity measures.

Unemployment is not expected to fall below 25 percent before 2016.

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