Supporters call for pardon after ruling on jailing Ukraine's Tymoshenko

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Supporters call for pardon after ruling on jailing Ukraine's Tymoshenko

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Politically-motivated and a violation of her rights. That is the verdict from the European Court of Human Rights on the jailing of former prime minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko.

The ruling is likely to further sour relations between Kiev and the EU.

The ECHR’s conclusion gives Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich an opportunity to pardon Tymoshenko, according to her daughter.

“Now the regime will not say that my mum is not a political prisoner. Today the European court stated that she was arrested on political motives. We understand and we hope that for President Yanukovich it will be enough to decide to free her and to correct the mistakes of the judiciary system in Ukraine that doesn’t work,” said Evgeniya Tymoshenko.

There is little sign the ECHR’s findings will have any immediate effect on Tymoshenko’s seven year sentence for abuse of office.

Vladyslav Zabarskiy is an MP and member of the president’s Party of regions.

“Tymoshenko is still subject of of an ongoing investigation in other criminal cases, so I think the possible pardon can only be considered after the investigation is over or the verdicts have been passed by the courts,” he told euronews.

Our correspondent in Kiev Evgeniya Rudenko said: “Tymoshenko’s supporters say the judgement was predictable. Now they hope she will be pardoned. The government is refusing to comment until the judgment has been studied in detail and won’t rule out the possibility of an appeal within three months.”