Israel kills military jihadist in Gaza air strike

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Israel kills military jihadist in Gaza air strike

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Israel launched it’s first targeted air strike on a militant in Gaza since November, killing a Palestinian jihadist. Tensions rose after the killing of an Israeli settler by a Palestinian in the West Bank. Salam Az-Zaghal was shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers after stabbing a 31-year old Jewish man.

Israeli police responded by entering Az-Zaghal’s village, who belongs to the mainstream Fatah movement. Palestinian officials said he’d just been released from an Israeli prison after three and a half years.

Nine Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since January. Salam Az-Zaghal’s brother spoke to euronews:

“He felt injustice and the hard reality in which we live, the lack of employment opportunities frustrates him, oppression compels a person to commit anything, and as you see we live in very difficult economic circumstances.”

Jewish settlers responded to the killing of Eviatar Borovsky by burning fields belonging to Palestinians. The incident will only intensify hostilities and put further strain on an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, which has lasted five months.

Our correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim gave us his opinion of the situation on the ground:

“Israeli settlers have expressed anger in many areas of the West Bank. This is accompanied by the heavy tightening of security at the barriers and checkpoints which separate Palestinian cities and Israeli settlements to prevent any possible friction between the two sides.”