Syria prime minister 'not hurt at all' in Damascus bombing

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Syria prime minister 'not hurt at all' in Damascus bombing

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Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halki has survived what may have been an assassination attempt in Damascus.

It is being reported six people, including the prime minister’s bodyguard, have died in a bombing that targeted al-Halki’s convoy.

The attack happened in the Mezze district of the capital – an area where senior Syrian officials live and many government institutions have offices.

One eyewitness said: “We were here on the corner, when suddenly we saw a big explosion and everything started to fly into the air. Usually this building behind you is full of children, cars pass here continuously, you can see a school bus here.

“It’s just destruction, terrorism. This was done with weapons they were paid to use, this is not religious. It’s just destruction of our country,” the man added.

Images broadcast on Syrian state television after the bombing show the prime minister unharmed and attending a meeting. The report describes al-Halki as “well and not hurt at all”.