Bangladesh army says search for collapsed building survivors has ended

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Bangladesh army says search for collapsed building survivors has ended

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The prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has visited the scene of last week’s building collapse in Dhaka for the first time, as rescue workers say they no longer expect to find anyone alive.

The army says the manual search for survivors has ended and heavy machinery is now being used to clear the debris.

Four people were rescued on Sunday after being buried for almost 100 hours.

Fire broke out on Sunday hampering attempts to reach one woman who was later brought out dead.

The number of confirmed victims is approaching 400 and hundreds more are unaccounted for.

“I have lost my daughter. Since she is gone, how will our family will live? She was the only one who was earning for the family. Her father has gone mad,” said Hajrea Begum, the mother of one victim.

Sonali, a survivor who lost her mother said:
“I was on the third floor, lying unconscious for three days, before being rescued and taken to hospital. When I got my senses back, I saw my mother was missing. My mother was working with me in the factory. My mother is lost. If I don’t see she is alive, at least I need her body.”

The owner of the building Mohammed Sohel Rana was arrested on Sunday as he reportedly tried to flee to India.

He faces charges of negligence and causing unlawful death.

The factory which collapsed made low-cost clothes for Western retailers.