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France holds first gay marriage wedding fair

28/04/13 05:15 CET

France’s first gay marriage fair has been held in Paris, just four days after it became the 14th country to legalise the ceremony for same-sex couples.

In austere times when traditional couples may be spending less on their weddings, many of those in the industry look forward to the opportunity to woo a new set of customers.

Wedding photographer, Alexia Gallouin, is one of them:

“It’s a brand new market for us,” she said. “These are customers that we aren’t used to reaching out to. It’s also a way for us to show our work to the gay community, to get people to know us.”

It also attracted some international attention; Udi Tzvieli from Israel and his partner Hakan Steenberg, from Stockholm, popped to Paris for the weekend and thought the fair was a fabulous idea.

“I haven’t seen a fair like this for same-sex couples before so I think it’s very important,” Hakan said.

“That’s why we wanted to come today and I’ve seen a lot of nice stuff here. Like the invitation cards, like the photographers that display same-sex couples, I think it’s really nice.”

Same-sex marriage still polarises opinion in France and police officers were stationed outside the fair after violent clashes erupted during anti-gay marriage demonstrations in recent weeks.

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