Bangladesh building collapse owner arrested

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Bangladesh building collapse owner arrested

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The owner of the eight-story building that collapsed in Bangladesh has been arrested at the border trying to flee to India.

Mohammed Sohel Rana had been on the run since the complex, which housed five garment factories, fell apart like a pack of cards, trapping thousands of workers.

Four others, including engineers, have been taken into custody and will be taken before the court.

The structure caved in five days ago, despite warnings that cracks had appeared on pillars after a jolt was felt by workers.

Four people were rescued alive on Sunday. But time is not on the rescuers’ side and more and more, it is bodies they recover.

Pumping fresh air through holes in the rubble gives any survivors a slightly better chance. Nevertheless, neither the rescuers nor the hordes of anxiously waiting relatives are hopeful.

The arrest of the owner increases the probability of getting to the bottom of this tragedy, but it will come as small consolation to the victims or their families.

Authorities have put the latest death toll at 377 and expect it to rise, with hundreds more still unaccounted for.