Arrests made in Bangladesh building collapse

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Arrests made in Bangladesh building collapse

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Amid angry protests over the deadly building collapse in Bangladesh, two people have now been arrested.

Seventy-two hours after the eight-storey structure tumbled to the ground, the owner and managing director of the largest of the five factories in the complex both turned themselves into the garment industry association overnight. Bazlus Samad and Mahmudur Rahaman Tapash were then handed over to the police and will face criminal charges of negligence. The building’s owner is still on the run but police said two of his relatives have been detained to compel him to hand himself in.

Prior to the collapse, a video was taken revealing cracks in the walls of the building. According to officials, workers were ordered into the Rana Plaza despite issuing warnings that the complex was structurally unsafe.

The junior internal affairs minister Shamsul Huq said everyone involved in putting it up would be arrested, including the designer, engineer and builders.

But as the frantic rescue operation continues, the death toll has now soared to 325 and his words will offer little comfort to those who have lost loved ones.