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Bosnia: regional president arrested in anti-corruption operation

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia: regional president arrested in anti-corruption operation

The president of Bosnia’s Muslim-Croat federation has been arrested in an anti-corruption probe, according to a spokesman for the state prosecutor.

The presidential offices in Sarajevo have been raided, along with regional offices in Mostar, as part of the highest profile anti-corruption operation since independence 20 years ago. Another 19 regional officials were also taken into custody.

Zivko Budimir, is president of the autonomous Muslim-Croat federation which, along with the Serb Republic, makes up Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Local media report that he is suspected of taking bribes in exchange for granting amnesty to convicted criminals. The prosecutor is yet to make formal charges.

To further complicate matters, his arrest comes at a time of political crisis in which he plays a central role.

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