More victims feared dead in Bangladeshi building collapse

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More victims feared dead in Bangladeshi building collapse

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The number of people killed by the collapse of a building in Bangladesh’s capital has risen to at least 147. Another 1,000 people have been injured.

Rescue services and volunteers are still desperately searching the rubble of the eight story factory complex in the capital Dhaka.

Shocked survivors expressed their anger at the factory owners whom they accused of putting their lives at risk.

Ria Begum who had been trapped for more than ten hours said she had been lucky to escape:

“We did not want to go into the factory this morning but the management forced us to and said there was no problem with the building. Just after I sat at my table to work the building collapsed. I couldn’t leave, I was trapped. “

Police said factory owners had ignored warnings not to allow workers into the building after cracks appeared the day before the disaster.

Most of the two thousand people who worked in the building which housed shops and clothes factories were women.