Long-awaited third part of 'Before' trilogy opens

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Long-awaited third part of 'Before' trilogy opens

Long-awaited third part of 'Before' trilogy opens
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‘Before Midnight’ is the long-awaited third instalment in the love story between Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy). It follows on from where ‘Before Sunrise’ (1995) and ‘Before Sunset’ (2004) left off.

In the film the American and his French partner are seen on holiday in Greece with their two children.

Both the film’s stars trod the red carpet at the Tribeca festival.

“People are calling it a trilogy because it’s the third one but who knows if it’s going to be like five of these. I mean I have no idea,” said Hawke.

His co-star Delpy says while films may look effortless, they are actually very demanding to make.

“They seem very natural but it’s actually a lot of work behind it. The writing period is very intense and then the acting is very hard because we have to make it as natural as possible and seem totally flawless and we’re kind of like just sitting there or talking or just walking around.”

Director Richard Linklater says the film’s characters are still very much in love, 18 years on.

“I think we’re solidly still in the romantic genre but it’s like romance gets redefined as you get older as we all find out and so that’s pretty cool”.

‘Before Midnight’ opens in the US on 24 May and in Britain on 21 June 2013. It will roll out on screens across Europe after that date.

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