McConaughey in Mississippi Mud

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McConaughey in Mississippi Mud

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‘Mud’ is an film adventure about two boys – Ellis and Neckbone – who find a man named Mud hiding out on an island in the Mississippi.

The eponymous character, played by Matthew McConaughey, describes some fantastic scenarios. He says he has killed a man in Texas and bounty hunters are on his tail. He says he is planning to meet and escape with the love of his life – Juniper, played by Reese Witherspoon – who is waiting for him in town. Sceptical but intrigued, the boys agree to help him only to find out that Mud’s seemingly wild tales are coming true.

McConaughey says he sees Mud as a dreamer.

“Mud – he’s an aristocrat of the heart. This guy is someone who at 40-whatever age – years old, he still knows that true and first love exists and it doesn’t matter if the person receiving it turns away from it or tells you to go home,” he explained. “He’s like a labrador who keeps coming back. You kick him off the porch a thousand times and he still comes back wagging his tail saying, ‘I love you. It doesn’t matter how many times you kick me off the porch.”

Jeff Nichols, the writer/director also behind “Take Shelter”, says he wrote the script with McConaughey in mind in the 1990’s. He believes the story is really about the young boy Ellis.

“I was kind of setting out to make a getaway film and I thought, ‘How could I distort that? How could I do that in an interesting way?” and I thought to put it all through the eyes of a 14-year-old boy and that when his story started to emerge and take the lead I thought, ‘What an interesting way to find a guy on an island; rather than being with the guy who goes out to the island, be a kid that finds him there”.

‘Mud’ also co-stars Sam Shepard, Sara Paulson and Tye Sheridan as Ellis.

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