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Italy’s designated PM vows to revive politics
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Enrico Letta, is the man charged with ending the political stalemate which has paralysed Italy for the last two-months. The deputy-leader of the Democratic party has been named prime minister and charged with forming a new government – a task he is not taking lightly.

“I will do my utmost to revive Italian politics, with all the institutional reforms required to decrease the number of MPs,” Letta told the media gathered at Rome’s Quirinale Palace.

Recently re-elected President Giorgio Napolitano chose the 46-year-old over older candidates in what some say is a bid to rejuvenate the image of the political class. A lot is resting on this nomination.

“I have full confidence in Letta and I am confident he will succeed,” said President Napolitano.“There is no alternative,” he added.

Letta now faces the unenviable task of forming a broad coalition between his own Democratic Party and Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party who have already pledged to cooperate.

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