Israel claims evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria

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Israel claims evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria

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An Israeli general has produced video evidence of what he claims are the effects of chemical weapons used by Syrian government forces on rebels.

In a briefing in Tel Aviv, he said injured victims showed physical signs such as vomiting and foaming at the mouth indicating some sort of deadly gas such as sarin had been used.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said after contacting Israel’s prime minister that he remained unconvinced.

“The information that I have at this point does not confirm it to me in a way that I would be comfortable commenting on it as a fact, but obviously whatever allegations are made have to be thoroughly investigated and it is appropriate to chase this one down and find out what’s going on, no question about it.”

More amateur video has raised further concerns this time purporting to show Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon in a battle against Syrian rebels. Such footage if verified implies a major overspill of the conflict into the wider region.