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Spain arrests two for suspected al Qaeda links
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Spanish police have arrested two men with suspected links to al Qaeda in the Maghreb.

Spain’s Interior Ministry alleges both men were radicalised by visiting online forums and chat rooms and pulling information on bomb-making from the Internet.

The men, one from Algeria, the other from Morocco, were arrested separately in Zaragoza and Murcia.

Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz praised the work of the security forces: “If you add these two, there have been 13 arrests over the last few months, which shows that the intelligence and state security services are working efficiently with others, because the threat is global. The threat is no higher in Spain.”

The Spanish said they worked with their counterparts in France and Morocco to make the arrests.

The men had been under surveillance for more than a year.

The arrests come ahead of the Madrid Marathon, which takes place on Sunday. Around 26,000 runners are due to participate and security has been increased following the attack on the Boston Marathon.

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