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Foals hit the road

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Foals hit the road

To support the release of their new album ‘Holy Fire’ Foals have launched into a seven-month tour.

Frontman Yannis Philippakis said that being on the road for so long was not a major problem: “It is easy to whinge about being away from home but at the end of the day we are pretty fortunate to be in a situation where we can play music every day. And that is what we do, that is our purpose and our calling. It is a fortunate position to be in because you’re not guaranteed it with music. It is a fickle mistress.”

With their heavy touring schedule, it is hard to imagine how the band find time to write but Philippakis said it is good to take time off from writing: “We don’t write much at all on the road. Sometimes we jam stuff in sound checks, but I actually find being on tour and just performing the material that you have already created is a good time to not try to engage your creativity actively. I sort of just marinade stuff when we’re on tour. Take things in and write things down sometimes, but it is more just a period to fill yourself up again and to renew your desire to create.”

‘Holy Fire’ is out now.

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