Napolitano: the man to save Italy

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Napolitano: the man to save Italy

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Re-elected to an unprecedented second term, President Giorgio Napolitano is now charged with resolving Italy’s political deadlock.

Much is expected from the 87-year-old President as he is sworn-in in Rome this afternoon.

He is reportedly looking to form a new government between Berlusconi’s centre-right party and the centre-left which is disarray following leader Pier Luigi Bersani’s departure on Friday.

Analysts say that finding a broad coalition is his goal to avoid going back to the ballot boxes.

Bets are on as to whom he may ask to be prime minister. Former PM Giuliano Amato is one name being discussed by political commentators in Italy. Another is Democratic Party Deput leader Enrico Letta.

Napolitano’s re-election after five failed votes, has provoked fury amongst those who want to see change in the political establishment.

Beppe Grillo’s popular 5-Star Movement – which won one out of every four votes cast during the elections in February – has called his re-election a ‘coup d’etat’.

Thousands of Grillo’s supporters took to the streets of Rome on Sunday to protest against a political system they say is out of touch with the call for change.