Italian President Napolitano aims to end deadlock 'within days'

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Italian President Napolitano aims to end deadlock 'within days'

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Newly re-elected Italian President Giorgio Napolitano says he will begin talks immediately with the intention of putting in place a grand coalition government within days.

The two leading candidates to head a new government are thought to be: two time prime minister Giuliano Amato, who was also interior minister in the Prodi government and Enrico Letta the Deputy Secretary of the Democratic party

Eighty-seven -year-old Napolitano had been reluctant to begin an unprecedented second seven year term. At his inauguration ceremony he delivered an emotional rebuke against the country’s warring factions:

“We can no longer refuse the duty of dialogue. To find possible solutions, we require quick and clear decisions on the urgently needed reforms we need to survive and improve Italian democracy and Italian society.”

He said he only accepted the post due to what he called the “dramatic alarm” facing the eurozone’s third largest economy since the general election in February failed to produce a winner.

He said Italy needs to uphold its commitment to its European Union allies, who have seen the deadlock in Rome troubled their common currency.

Giorgio Napolitano’s appointment is supported by all of Italy’s main political parties, apart from Beppe Grillo the leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, who lead a protest in Rome calling it a Coup D’etat.