Hardline Serbs denounce government as 'traitors' over Kosovo deal

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Hardline Serbs denounce government as 'traitors' over Kosovo deal

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As news of the Serbian government’s acceptance of the EU-brokered deal to normalise relations with breakaway Kososvo filtered through. Thousands of Kosovo Serbs took to the streets of the northern town of Mitrovica to denounce their government as ‘traitors.’

Kosovo is seen by Serbian nationalists as the medieval heart of Serbia: “It’s horrible, it seems that our children and our families are not worth as much as theirs. It is unbearable, how many more times will sell us for nothing,” said one of the protesters as emotions ran high.

Hardline Serb leaders say they will oppose implementation of the agreement.

The Serbian Orthodox Church slammed the decision calling it “clear surrender” of “our most important territory.”

The deal allows Serbs relative autonomy in the north in exchange for a nominal recognition of the authority of the government in Pristina.

Serbia lost control of Kosovo in 1999 after NATO forces drove them out after a three-month bombing campaign.

The action ended the partition of Kososvo between the Albanian majority and the Serb-controlled north.

Kosovo declared unilateral independence in 2008.