China: Aftershocks and landslides hamper quake rescue efforts

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China: Aftershocks and landslides hamper quake rescue efforts

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Emergency services in China are using explosives and heavy equipment to clear a way to remote areas hit by Saturday’s earthquake.

Bad weather, aftershocks and landslides are hampering the rescue effort.

The 6.6 magnitude quake hit the central Sichuan province killing hundreds and injuring thousands. Authorities say the number of casualties is expected to rise.

China has mobilised troops backed by air support to assist those affected.

Sichuan is prone to seismic activity. In 2008, a massive quake killed tens of thousands of people and left five million homeless.

In nearby Lushan people have been queuing for food.
One woman explained the difficulties she and others face: “We are relying on food distribution to survive. We eat when we can. I am here to get food for my family.”

The Chinese Red Cross has deployed relief teams and set up makeshift medical centres to treat the injured and traumatised.

So far China has declined offers of help from the international community.