Canada thwarts train terror plot

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Canada thwarts train terror plot

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Canadian security forces have charged two residents they say were involved in an al Qaeda-linked plot to “carry out a terrorist attack” against a passenger train.

The Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) named the two suspects as Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser, from the Montreal and Toronto areas respectively.

James Malizia, the Candian Assistant Commissioner of National Security said:

“At all times during the investigation, initiated in August 2012, our primary focus was the safety and protection of the public.

“I want to reassure our citizens that while the RCMP believed the accused had the capacity and intent to carry out these criminal acts, there was no imminent threat to the general public, rail employees, train passengers or infrastructure.”

US security sources said they planned to blow up a rail line between Toronto and New York city.

They also said they have found no links between this alleged plot and last week’s Boston Marathon bombings.