Beppe Grillo denounces re-election of Italian president

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Beppe Grillo denounces re-election of Italian president

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The leader of Italy’s ant-establishment 5-Star Movement, Beppe Grillo has denounced the re-election of President Giorgio Napolitano.

Following Saturday’s broad right-left deal to give the 87-year-old another seven-year mandate, hundreds of Grillo supporters took to the streets in Rome to make their feeling known.

“He was not elected by the people. We are fed up with presidents coming from the old political clans, we want a president who really represents the Italian people. We do not want a president from the political clubs or one that will only defend them and that is why we are all here,” said 5-Star Movement demonstrator Gianluca Bisogno.

Napolitano agreed to remain in office for an unprecedented second term after the country’s parliament failed to elect a replacement in five rounds of voting.

With Italy still without a government two-months on after inconclusive elections, Napolitano is due to spell out his strategy to end the political stalemate in parliament later today.