Boston police step up search for suspect seen on video

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Boston police step up search for suspect seen on video

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An intensive investigation is continuing for clues as to who was the behind the deadly attack on the Boston Marathon.

Large forensic teams are combing every surface, and every nook and cranny for evidence that might lead back to the perpetrator.

Stephen Murphy, President of Boston City Council said: “I know that it (the case) is very active and very fluid right now, that they are on the chase, that they maybe on the verge of arresting someone and that’s good, because the longer the time goes by the less likely there is an arrest.”

Detectives say they have found a suspect from sifting through security camera footage but Federal investigators want to have a cast iron case before going public.

Peter J. Ahearn, a former FBI Special Agent in charge explained why: “Before they make any arrests they are going to have the case pretty much. You know, the evidence will be there, they’re gonna be able really to put this on somebody. They are not going to rush to judgement on this. It’s happened in the past, we had that happen in the Olympic Park bombing back in 1996, but in this case they are going to wait until they definitely have positive identity, positive maybe some biometrics, some fingerprinting, a confession.”

The crowded scene along the race course in central Boston was recorded by surveillance cameras and media outlets, providing investigators with significant video footage of the area before and after the two blasts.