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Philip Glass's 'Lost' opera finds a home in Austria

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Philip Glass's 'Lost' opera finds a home in Austria

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Life, death, fame, fortune, joy and sadness; Philip Glass’ new opera The Lost combines them all, and then some more. It is the American composer’s second opera in German and has just premiered in Austria, at the new opera house in Linz.

Glass said: “I like working in Germany and Austria because the musicians are so good. That’s what I like. And yet I used to think that the American orchestra would be my true home but it’s not. I may be comfortable with it but I found that there’s another element, another layer of music that you get in a central European orchestra.”

Arguably one of the world’s greatest living composers, Glass has moved away from the ‘minimalist’ tag that he never liked as a term for his style, demonstrating he is a man for all musical seasons. His sounds are brought alive by the conductor, Dennis Russell Davis who leads the Bruckner Orchestra with the authority and vigour that this music demands.

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