German court rules foreign reporters must attend NSU trial

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German court rules foreign reporters must attend NSU trial

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Germany’s Constitutional Court has upheld an appeal by the Turkish newspaper Sabah to ensure a court in Munich reserves a certain number of places for foreign journalists who want to cover the trial of five suspected neo-Nazis.

Allegedly a founder and members of the previously unknown National Socialist Underground they are accused of 10 racist murders.

“The court ordered an appropriate further number of seats should be provided to representatives of the foreign media with a special connection to the victims of the accused,” said spokesman for the Constitutional Court Bernd Odoerfer.

Eight of the victims were Turks, and the case and the allegedly botched investigation has upset many in Turkey, as has official reluctance to recognise a racial motive for the murders.

“In our view, the Turkish media must be present for a trial of such historic proportions. We are therefore delighted that thanks to us, other Turkish media are now able to report about it,” said Deputy Editor in Chief of “Sabah Europe” Ismail Erel.

The murders were committed between 2000 and 2007. Much of the trial will centre on alleged founder member Beate Zschaepe. The neo-Nazi cell was discovered when two members killed themselves after a failed robbery and Zschaepe set fire to an apartment they used.