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Robots rock Heavy Metal

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Robots rock Heavy Metal

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Drummer Stickboy, guitarist Fingers and bassist Bones are all robots, made out of scrap metal by the engineers at Kernschrottrobots and currently making a series of promotional appearances on behalf of iconic instrument manufacturers Gibson. Most recently, they appeared at the Music Fair in Frankfurt.

Boris Loehe, from Gibson explained: “Well they knocked on our door and they said hey you are a great guitar brand and we play Gibson guitars. Shouldn’t we work together? That was a great coincidence because our company is always striving to be inventive. We build robot technology into our guitars in the shape of an auto-tuning system. So for us it was immediately obvious that we agreed, so we said OK to them.”

Just like any other emerging rock band, Compressorhead have their own Facebook page, and are proud to say that their Youtube clips have gone viral.

Boris Loehe said, “I think they are very special robots with their wild look, a bit squared-off, a bit edgy. They even look a bit dirty, and all of that fits very well with that genre of music and people can identify with them. Compressorhead made their first appearance at the Australian Metal Festival and it worked perfectly.”

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