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Hi-def TV on the horizon


Hi-def TV on the horizon

MIPTV 2014 special coverage

The MIPTV Fair has been held in Cannes and spotlit the latest developments in television. High definition television (4K) and 3D attracted lots of attention. Huge screens up to 84 inches were on display. At around 20,000 euros, they are expensive, but of course prices are bound to fall as the technology goes mainstream.

Mathieu Corradini, the Category Manager at LG Electronics France, explained: “We have resolution which is twice as defined as traditional high definition images. We really do have two times 1920 × 1080, which today achieves 4K. Four thousand lines on the screen. The other advantage of this screen is that it has a Magic Remote Control, which gets you into the Smart Menu of a connected i-television where you can launch various applications if you’re connected to the internet and via a service which we use along with all our partners defined on this home page.”

Talking about shooting in 3D, director Véronique Legendre said: “Firstly we use two cameras instead of one, which are for preference beside each other, the same distance apart as your eyes. So it’s quite a complex calculation. And from an artistic point of view it is true that the choice of script and of images isn’t exactly the same. I mean for example we always try to find shots which will magnify the 3D effect and really emphasize it.”

The jury is still out when it comes to 3D. No-one is really sure whether it is here to stay or just a passing fad. But ultra-high definition looks like the face of TV in the future.

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