G8 condemns North Korea's nuclear actions

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G8 condemns North Korea's nuclear actions

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North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons has been condemned in the “strongest possible terms” by G8 Foreign Ministers.

At the meeting in London, British Foreign Secretary William Hague responded to Pyongyang’s war talk.

“If the DPRK conducts another missile launch or nuclear test, we committed ourselves to take further significant measures. We also condemn the DPRK’s current aggressive rhetoric and confirm that this will only serve further to isolate the DPRK and we urge them to engage incredible and authentic multilateral talks on de-nuclearisation.”

South Korea remains on high alert as Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited Seoul for the first time as NATO secretary general.

He has called on Kim Jong-un to stop the threatening words and actions towards South Korea. In the latest provocation, intelligence sources state a missile test is imminent.