Electric anti-rape underwear developed to protect women in India

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Electric anti-rape underwear developed to protect women in India

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The gang rape and death of a medical student on a bus in New Delhi sparked outrage across India and highlighted the growing number of crimes against women in the country. In response three students from Chennai have developed anti-rape underwear, which delivers a 3,880 kilovolt shock to any potential attacker. The students claim that the garment will not only protect women, but dish out on the spot punishment to molesters.

Engineering student Rimpi Tripathi helped develop the underwear::
“People are coming up with the question: ‘What happens if the girl herself gets electrocuted?’, So I want to say that it is not possible because we have developed an insulating layer to protect the wearer.”

The young engineers have been in contact with investors in an attempt to get the underwear on the production line. In the current climate in India it could prove popular, as one female student explains:

“These days it is getting very difficult for girls to move around, it is very unsafe for them actually, especially in Chennai, on the local trains and buses, it is actually very tough for us to move around. So, this innovation is very helpful for all of us.”

Successive Indian governments have been accused of not doing enough to protect women form violence and sex crimes.