War veteran kills 13 in Serbian village shooting spree

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War veteran kills 13 in Serbian village shooting spree

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In Serbia, a veteran of the Balkan Wars has gone on a gun rampage, killing 13 people in a small village in the middle of the country.

Police reported that among the dead were his mother, his son and a two year old child.

Investigators named him as 60 year old Ljubisa Bogdanovic.

He went from house to house in the early hours, targetting his family and neighbours with a 9mm pistol.

He shot his wife and then himself. The pair survived, just, and are being treated in hospital.

Villager Dragan Radosavljevic said: “He was a pretty normal person, a good neighbour, but God only knows what happened to him.”

Police said Bogdanovic had fought in Croatia during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia.

He and his son had lost their jobs with a Slovenian firm in Serbia last year.

Local media reports said his father and uncle committed suicide some years ago.

So far there is no known motiv e for the shooting spree, the worst Serbia has ever seen according to police.