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Mursi condemns deadly Cairo violence against Coptic Christians


Mursi condemns deadly Cairo violence against Coptic Christians

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has condemned the violence, which erupted outside Cairo’s main Coptic Cathedral yesterday.
One man was killed and more than 80 injured after clashes broke out as Coptic mourners were attacked by a mob as they filed out of the house of worship following a funeral.
The Christians were mourning the deaths of four Copts in sectarian violence on Saturday.
The death marks a new low as Egypt struggles for stability following the 2011 revolution:
“Of course no one can accept what has happened. Egypt has always been a place where Muslims and Christians have lived in peace and are raised together. This kind of thing is new and we have never seen the country in such a state,” said one Cairene:
Egypt’s minority Christian community, which makes up some 10 percent of the population, has accused the government of failing in its duty to protect them following the fall from power of Hosni Mubarak.


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