Airplane supermarket opens in Beijing

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Airplane supermarket opens in Beijing

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China’s first airplane supermarket has opened in Beijing. Despite tough restrictions on low-level flying in the country, public enthusiasm is soaring.

Just one week after it opened its doors, the store said it had received four orders from those who seeking a high-flying lifestyle.

The cost ranges from 1 million yuan (123,000 euros) for a glider, up to 17 million yuan (2.1 million euros) for a five-seat helicopter.

Pilots on non-commercial flights must submit detailed plans and wait for approval. Most of the gliders, monoplanes and helicopters are made in Eastern Europe.

A private aircraft buyer must also have an independent licensed aviation company to manage the plane.

However, Zhang Changyi, manager of the Beijing International United Flight and pilot coach of the store, thinks prospects for the business are good. He said that he has been flying in China for eight years, and everybody has a chance to do low-altitude flight in China, “you just need to apply”.

Zhang said a small airport for aircraft storage, taking off and landing will be built in Chicheng, Beijing’s neighboring Hebei Province.