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Tourists get closer to God in Sienna cathedral
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Visitors to Sienna have a new view over the ancient Italian city to look forward to.

The thirteenth century cathedral is opening up its roof space for the first time ever.

Small groups of visitors will be able to climb the spiral staircase with an experienced guide up into the attic where there is an entirely different perspective, not only on the building but on the city too, famous for its museums, cuisine and art. Sienna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mario Lorenzoni from the cathedral staff said: “The loft was used above all as a storage space and it was completely closed to everyone. Nobody ever thought that one day it would be opened up to visitors.”

Sienna’s oldest new tourist attraction gives visitors a peerless view of the Medici Fortress and the cupola of St John the Baptist.

It is a building rich in art, including works by Donatello and Michaelangelo.

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