US anti-chemical drills in South Korea

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US anti-chemical drills in South Korea

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Following Pyongyang’s posturing the US army has been conducting anti-Chemical drills in South Korea.

They demonstrated the equipment and techniques used to decontaminate biological and chemical hazards.

The US Army 23rd Chemical Battalion has arrived to the peninsular to support US and South Korean military forces.

The unit’s commander, Colonel Dale S Crockett, said:
“We do that primarily by chemical detection, hazard detection, decontamination what you all, I believe, saw today, the demonstration we did, as well as support consequence management operations in the Republic of Korea. And that is our focus.”

The US has around 30,000 troops stationed in South Korea to support the country’s 650,000-strong armed forces. North Korea, which has around 1.2 million troops mostly along the border, has condemned the joint military operations as a rehearsal for war.