UK's Cameron says Trident needed as nuclear deterrent

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UK's Cameron says Trident needed as nuclear deterrent

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that scrapping Trident, the UK’s submarine-based nuclear weapons system, would be “foolish” in the face of North Korea’s escalating war rhetoric.

In an article written by Cameron for the Daily Telegraph, he stressed the importance of retaining Trident as a deterrent against possible attacks.

Around the world, global leaders are assessing the potential threat posed by Kim Jong-Un’s regime. The North Korean army says it has received final approval to launch a strike on the United States.

The US has announced plans to send a missile defence shield to Guam, following reports by South Korean intelligence that North Korea has positioned a mid-range missile that puts South Korea and Guam in range.

US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hegel said: “As they have ratcheted up their dangerous rhetoric and some of the actions they have taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger.”