The long wait is over

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The long wait is over

The long wait is over
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Queues are so often the bane of our lives; you can find them with relative ease at banks, and airports, and train stations, and post offices. The list, like the queues themselves, can go on and on.

But British technology firm Lo-Q may well have unearthed a solution to this most tedious of pastimes. They have developed software whereby you can use your mobile phone to reserve a place in line, simply by sending a text.

Once your message is processed through the application – called Q-txt – you are allocated your respective slot and sent your reservation time, complete with a unique booking code.

So far, the application has only been tested at Blackpool pleasure beach in the UK, where the queues for main attractions can be notoriously long.

Software developer, Tom Burnet, observes that, “it would be perfectly possible, conceptually, to run a queue-less theme park, for example. There’s no need to stand in a physical queue, if everyone is standing in a virtual queue.”

He and other developers see no reason why the range and scope of the application could not, eventually, be extremely wide – beyond queues for the Big Dipper,

“There are queues when you go to the bank at lunch time. There are queues at the post office; there are queues when you turn up at the airport. There is a queue to get a doctor’s appointment. There are queues all over the place. Conceptually it’s possible for you to organise your life in such a way as you can move around all the things you might want to do without having to stand in a queue line, and you can do that from your sitting room.”

As smart-phone applications continue to alter the way we engage with the world around us, is our future going to be queue-less?

The only problem then would be finding something else to complain about.

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