Mass rallies shown in North Korean TV

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Mass rallies shown in North Korean TV

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Large rallies have been held across North Korea in support of its army and to denounce the US and South Korea.

Propaganda videos were broadcast by state owned television KRT showing mass rallies of people in military uniform in Ryanggang, Kangwon and Southern Hwanghae provinces, but does not say when they were held. The people can be heard shouting anti-US chants and holding banners reading “Let’s destroy our mortal enemy, the United States”.

In the video, a man praises the country’s policy of putting the military at the top of the state agenda.

A student then takes the microphone saying: “The world will clearly witness how my country with the military-first policy wins a final victory in the sacred war for the justice.”

The rallies come as tensions continue to escalate on the peninsula. The North Korean army says it has received final approval to launch a “merciless” strike on the US, including the possible use of “cutting edge” nuclear weapons.