Latest North Korean threats spark international reaction

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Latest North Korean threats spark international reaction

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Pyongyang says it has ratified a “merciless” attack against the United States potentially involving a “diversified nuclear strike.”

It said it is responding to the US’s ever-escalating hostile policy towards North Korea.

This latest threat has not only drawn a strong reaction from Washington – which has ordered an advanced missile defence system to its Western Pacific territory of Guam – it has also attracted criticism from Moscow.

Russia has said North Korea’s disregard for UN restrictions is unacceptable.

Meanwhile hundreds of South Koreans have opted to stay at the Kaesong Industrial park that had been a rare piece of cooperation between the two countries before North Korea closed it down on April 3.

One South Korean worker from the park said:

“It looks bleak there. I saw (North Korean) soldiers wearing iron helmets when I passed the border.”

China, North Korea’s only remaining ally and its biggest aid donor, has been working to defuse the crisis, but there are signs of growing frustration in Beijing with the unpredictable behaviour of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.